Razberri (rasberrilove) wrote in dillard_high,

International/Spanish Club

Hmm time for a most beautimous update! Mwaz luvs...okay if you don't know then you are going to know that next year The International/Spanish Club wil hopefully be planning/having another International Fair Weak sometime again. I spoke with the International Club's Historian, Victoria and we are trying to get in touch with our presidents and group members soon to plan this whole ordeal. Since we have some acts and lots of ideas, that aren't just with the fair but with the clubs as wholes...so if you are in either club and would like to pitch in some ideas for the International Fair or boosting or club, feel free to talk to Diego or myself for Spanish club and any of the other representatives, and/or Aaron or Kandi for Interantional and any others. I will be getting in touch with Diego soon to discuss some ideas we have, so again if you have any, please speak out, we'd all love to know. Thank you for your time.
Vice President of Spanish Club
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