My heart stays in the lead.... (lessthanzero_) wrote in dillard_high,
My heart stays in the lead....

When one act of kindness can be deathly...

So how was everyones first day back? Enjoying yourselves, I hope? What's everyones schedule like?

Lets see, I have (for now):

AP Govt/AP Lit: Lacroix/Latimer
Eurythmics II (Dance): Baumgarten
Stagecraft III/IV: Nash
Comp Theatre IV: Strautz (but I'm teaching German I this period the first week of school).

I know, I know, being a senior is awesome.

By the way, Jimmy, what are you going to do about that A/B day thing in AP??

I'm dropping my AP classes and my dance class. I can't dance for the life of me. Baumgarten says I can be her office bitch, but I say NO.

Well, I hope I get some comments or see some people actually posting in here.

<3 Amanda (a SENIOR!)
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